Mialie T. Szymanski, Writer and Illustrator





This is the not-so-completed online corner of writer, illustrator, humorist, columnist
Mialie T. Szymanski

.With my writing, I have my hands in many different genres, and likewise in life, I have my hands in
many different projects at once. Right now I'm learning webcoding and designing websites, so you'll
see new exciting things pop up all around these pages just like they pop up on the pages of my books!
If you'd like to see what I've been up to in the writing world, check out past issues of
The Weekly Villager with my children's storytime column that chronicles the adventures of a
sometimes brave, always very curious, little floppy-eared puppy named Doodle Dog!
From Enchanted Tales to Puppy Tails, you're welcome to come along with me
on my journey as a writer, illustrator, dragon rider and unicorn tamer.